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Long-distance relationships: How to make them work and keep the flame alive

“Long distance relationships ARE sustainable,” says Michael Kallenbach, a couples therapist with consulting rooms in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. “They just require determination and commitment.  With video conferencing and free wi-fi telephone calls these days, it makes it easy for both parties to stay in regular contact.”

How do you keep the romance alive in long-distance relationships?

Kallenbach is confident that “The romantic flame can be kept alive, even if couples are separated for a period of time during an LDR.”
“Flowers, books and chocolates are all gifts that can be ordered online and delivered on special occasions.”
But intimacy and romance is about much more than a few thoughtful gifts.“ Making time to talk on the phone or via video as often as possible is extremely important,” says Kallenbach. “Don’t rush these calls during work hours.”

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