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Please note that strict COVID-19 protocols and strategies are being adhered to in my consulting rooms in Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Lockdown has tested many couples. Being cooped up has put a strain on many relationships.

A disagreement over the state of the kitchen can escalate quickly.

Is couples therapy during lockdown daunting? Yes, perhaps, but it’s worth it.

My aim as a couples therapist is to assist each of you to figure out how you can do your best in your relationship.

Couples Therapist Room

Michael Kallenbach is a friendly, thoughtful and effective couples therapist who is passionate about what he can do to help your relationship

  Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble

Niemand ist ohne Probleme, solange er sich zwischen den chaotischen Strömungen des Lebens bewegt

– Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist

MIchael Kallenbach sitting in the counselling room

Consulting rooms in Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Michael is an intelligent and thoughtful observer with a clear thinking approach – he is an astute listener and a natural admirer of the mind. He is curious to understand why people act as they do and his interventions in the consulting room are vibrant and creative. Michael offers brief and long-term work to couples and individuals, helping them work through a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties. He has a very real conviction in the usefulness and value of psychotherapy. 

“Therapy can really work for men. Blokes are very bad at talking about their problems”

– Alex James, musician and bass player for Blur

During counselling he will bring clarity and sensitivity to the room. This will allow you to hear your story and come to your own conclusions.

Don’t feel bad or hopeless if you are struggling. We all begin our relationships with love, excitement, and the hope that we’ll have a great life together. But we often don’t anticipate or imagine how difficult it is to be a creative couple.

In therapy, it’s important to create a safe space for authentic and open discussion, encouraging self-reflection and facilitating change.

Michael Kallenbach counselling room couch

Knowing you were there for us, week after week, really helped. You showed such forthrightness and compassion. I immediately felt at ease with you; our work has brought clarity and progress. Thank you for your commitment to us and especially to our relationship.

– A former couple client


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Michael works across the heterosexual and LGBT spectrum, however emotionally rich or challenging the material might be. He is passionate about helping couples and individuals, and does so in an affirmative, therapeutic way; he believes that when people are listened to with respect, problems and conflicts can be explored in a non-judgmental environment.

Michael has a wide range of relevant experience. He completed a robust and in-depth training, longer than the majority of others, qualifying at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships in London (now Tavistock Relationships), the world’s leading organisation for couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Prior to returning to Johannesburg, he had consulting rooms in Harley Street, London and Marlborough, Wiltshire.

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